RadiJet generator

This is the total generator unit Radijet is producing to deliver "On-demand power" for customers. To discover the technology press the button.

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Innovative solution

Radijet develops and produces a gas turbine power generator for micro CHP (Combined heat and power plant) and hybrid battery electrical vehicles (BEV)

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The product solves the need for de-central production of electricity and heat regardless of what fuel that is available. With the Radijet patentable design, we take the gas turbine generators to a higher level than ever before.

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Multiple Applications

Our product has a wide variety of applications. You can find it suitable as a range extender for utility vehicles, a drive train for electric cars, a general-purpose alternator or an emergency power alternator.

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Welcome to our website! Have a look around and feel free to send us an e-mail if you have any requests!


– RadiJet is participating in the project Nimachar, where the scope is to produce and test biogas from a sublimation process. Read the press release

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Simple Design

1The design with few parts secures high reliability, makes it easy to integrate into other application and keep production cost low


2The gas turbine technology gives the option to use different types of fuels to operate the generator and opens up for green fuels with less emissions.

High Comfort

3The generator does only have one rotating part which means no vibration and a silent run and therefore provide high comfort to the user.

Platform Technology

4The generator is not limited to one application, but can be used in numerous applications where there is a need for production of power and heat.